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Dental Services

Family Dentistry

Our practice provides care to the entire family from the youngest to the wisest! Dr. Lum, Dr. Brajcich, and staff emphasize and teach treatments and strategies that allow you and your family to have the best oral health possible. Our aim is to provide preventive care in order to sustain a healthy, happy smile for patients of all ages.

Should intervention be necessary, we offer all of the latest techniques and treatments, and have nitrous oxide and other methods to reduce stress and anxiety. Our office is proud to serve many families in the area and hold this responsibility in the highest esteem.

Children's Dentistry

Dr. Lum and Dr. Brajcich are very comfortbale caring for little ones and have hundreds of young patients. We can provide all the preventive and interceptive care needed. In some cases, we can arrange a dental anesesthiologist to come to our office to assist in caring for children with more extensive dental needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Esthetic All Porcelain Crowns
  • All Ceramic Crowns Available in One Visit (CEREC)
  • Porcelain In-Lays & On-Lays (alternative to metal based restorations)
  • Teeth Whitening (in office 1-hour Zoom! Whitening and customized home systems)
  • Veneers & Bonding (correct misaligned teeth, close gaps, and esthetic implant restorations to replace missing teeth)

How Implants Help People With Loose Dentures

Loose dentures and partials are something many people just accept as an unfortunate part of their lives. This was a reality over the past few decades as there were few options to help many of these people. The development of dental implants has been a revolutionary change.

In many cases, a patient receives placement of the implants followed by attachment of a denture to the newly placed implants. The denture is secured to the implants creating a more complete range of function. We can also remove a lot of the extension of denture material, for instance across the palate, leaving natural tissue and enhancing taste and feel. Many of our patients have been able to revisit the foods they have been dreaming of eating without discomfort!

Please call us if you or a loved one has been struggling with a loose denture or partial or has had nutritional issues due to the limited types of food their denture will allow them to enjoy. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons website provides information about how implants work, when implants should be used, and who is a candidate for implants.

If you were not a candidate in the past, you may be one now as implants have evolved considerably in the recent past.

parts of a tooth implant

Implant Treatment

Dr. Lum and Dr. Brajcich are excited to provide the best available dental implants. Replace missing teeth and improve the function and comfort of dentures and partials, and help preserve surrounding, natural teeth.

We are excited to offer Straumann dental implant placement and treatment options with the convenience of completing all of the care in our office. If you think you or someone you know may benefit from implant therapy ask Dr. Lum or Dr. Brajcich at your next visit.

Denture & Partials

In combination with our implant technologies, this becomes a much more desirable and successful modality.

Six Month Smiles

Dr. Lum and the staff are excited to provide the latest innovation in short term orthodontics (STO). Using clear brackets and white covered orthodontic wire, six months smiles provides an esthetic solution to adult braces with quick results. Treatment times will vary due to case specifications. Most treatments have been completed from 4-9 months.

Sixth Month Smiles - Before, During, AFter

CEREC Omnicam

Cutting edge technology available in only a few offices in the Northwest. Crowns can be done in one visit with no temporary or impression. It is revolutionary care and its available to you! Check out CEREC Omnicam video for a brief demonstration.

Oral Medicine

We have a great deal of experience in handling complex medical cases. Dr. Brajcich is able to perform in office biopsies of oral pathology. We have cared for many patients undergoing cancer treatments (chemo and radiation), organ transplants, blood dyscrasias, cardiac patients, immunocompromised, and a multitude of systemic diseases.

Oral Surgery

Our services include careful extraction of teeth, including third molars, as well as a host of bone grafting options to conserve bone for definitive treatment such as implants. We can also treat introral infections, trauma and pathology.


Dr. Brajcich is a certified Clear Correct Provider. Clear Correct is an aligner treatment in which patients wear a series of clear trays to perfect their smiles. The treatment is great and the results are awesome.

Periodontal Surgery

Dr. Brajcich routinely performs periodontal surgeries as indicated. Additionally, Dr. Hosan Park, a gum surgery specialist is on staff and performs a full scope of periodontal procedures. These procedures include: implants, gum grafting, crown lengthening, sinus lifts, exposing impacted teeth, debridement, pocket elimination surgery, socket preservation, osseous contouring, esthetic periodontal plastic surgery, frenectomies and tooth extractions. Patients with more involved periodontal problems can be guided through the process all in one location. It is a great asset to have specialty access in one location.